One should never make the mistake of confusing a cheaper price for a better value! The Never Confuse A Cheaper Price For Better Value!
definition of value can be defined as relative worth, merit, or importance. Price is defined as the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which a product is bought, sold, or offered for sale. Many times consumers seek to buy such items as windows, siding, doors or roofs and they get the “value verses price” concept completely confused. You see the value, as well as the price, has to do with the type of materials used to produce a product, the company or manufacture behind the product, and the quality of installation. Some responses/concerns one should always want to know – “Are the materials recycled or virgin? Is the thickness .20 or .26 gauge? Is the glass single or double strength? Tell me about the manufacture of this product. Who will be installing my product?” Unfortunately, many customers don’t document the finer details of products and services that actually determine the true value. So many of us listen to the sales pitch with only one goal… to hear the price! When a salesperson delivers a higher price than another, consumers cast them to the side, not really documenting or truly evaluating “value”.
One might ask, “How do you document value?” First, have some expectations of your own and write down all of the benefits/traits of a product, company, and service(s) as it is being explained to you, so that you can make a smart non-regrettable decision. You do this with every company you interview. After you do your due diligence of interviews and research, compare the notes first! Lastly, look at the price of the company, product, or service you choose. If the value and price are right and/or affordable, then you are ready to move forward in the process. If not, maybe you need to downsize the project, change products or services with the company, or when all else fails, negotiate for a better price. If you use this simple formula you will never unwisely
choose a cheaper price for better value!