1. Clean your gutters after leaves have fallen. Have gutter guards installed to eliminate
this tedious task.
2. Have your water heater serviced.
3. Check your attic insulation. Make sure your insulation is sufficient and up to code.
4. Caulk exterior joints around windows and doors.
5. Check the condition of your roof, pipe collars, chimney flashing or have them
6. Look for dark water spots in your attic on the roofing sheathing for possible leaks.
7. Have your chimney inspected. Have it cleaned and repaired if needed.
8. Open crawl space vents.
9. Heating system check: filters, pilot lights, and burners.
10. Clean and vacuum vents, baseboard heaters, and cold air returns.
11. Turn off and flush sprinkler system.
12. Watch out for year end close out sales on lawn and garden equipment.