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Fall Checklist For Homeowners – 12 “Must Do or Be Sorry” Money Saving Tasks

1. Clean your gutters after leaves have fallen. Have gutter guards installed to eliminate this tedious task. 2. Have your water heater serviced. 3. Check your attic insulation. Make sure your insulation is sufficient and up to code. 4. Caulk exterior joints around windows and doors. 5. Check the condition of your roof, pipe collars, chimney flashing or have them ...

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Don’t Spend a Single Dime on any Siding, Until you Read this Report!

Hi! My name is Bill Kemp, also known as “The Home Exterior Guru”. Over the last 23 years, I have sold millions of dollars worth of vinyl siding and Hardie Plank; just as many other successful remodelers have. Many times remodelers and contractors put most of their focus on the vinyl siding product itself. How long, how thick, how smooth, ...

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Replacing Trim Molding Outside

For free home improvement estimates, click here.

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Rotten Door Casings can be fixed!

Those ugly door casings caused by wood rot can be repaired. Take a look at one of our recent repair jobs. For free home improvement estimates, click here.

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Replacement Window Shopping & Pricing Guide

Find the right window at the right price. Finding the right window starts with understanding windows and determining what is important to you. This guide will give you that guidance and the pricing information you need to make the right choice for you and your family. The first thing to understand is your windows & doors account for as much ...

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DAYLIGHT TRANSMITTANCE: The percentage of visible light that a glazing transmits through glass. SHADING COEFFICIENT (SC): Measures the total solar heat gain through the glazing compared to 1/8″ clear glass under the same conditions.  It includes both the solar energy transmitted directly plus any absorbed solar radiation that is re-radiated as heat into the interior.  The number ranges from 0.0 ...

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