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truth about home advisors and angies list

The Truth Revealed About Home Advisors & Angie’s List!

Welcome to 2016 and perhaps you are about to take on a new home improvement project. Whether it is a new roof, windows, siding, kitchen, or bath; where do you start to find the right company or contractor? In this generation of modern technology, for many of us our first inclination is to pick up our smartphones or tablet and ...

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How To Tilt Replacement Windows

My people invest in replacement windows each year. One thing I have notice over my years as a window contractor in Richmond, Virginia is that most homeowners either forget or don’t know how to tilt in their new windows. So I created this video for homeowners around the country to get a quick refresher course on how to tilt in ...

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How to Properly Replace Your Roof in Richmond Va.

Here is a picture of a roof that is about to be replaced. Follow the pictures and descriptions along the way to understand every aspect of how your roof should be replaced. All of the shingles should be removed from the roof decking, even if you have two or more layers. Once all of the shingles are removed; the roof ...

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A Window Trend That’s Changing Colors Right Before Your Eyes!

There is a new trend in home design and decor that is taking the boring to Wow! For years, vinyl window manufacturers have only made basically three colors for windows, white, almond, and brown. Brown was phased out by most, so we were stuck with white and almond…Boring! As I look to help revolutionize this new trend, I began to ...

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pipe collars gone bad

Roof Pipe Collars Gone Bad? Three solutions to consider.

Recently, I have received several calls about roofing pipe collars that have gone bad. Pipe collars are one of the most important accessories on your roof, because they are direct entry points for water when they rot. If they are not inspected regularly the cost of water damage damage repair far exceeds the cost of fixing them. Here are three ...

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good work

Never Confuse A Cheaper Price For Better Value

One should never make the mistake of confusing a cheaper price for a better value! The Never Confuse A Cheaper Price For Better Value! definition of value can be defined as relative worth, merit, or importance. Price is defined as the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which a product is bought, sold, or offered for sale. ...

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Free – Homeowners Ultimate Shingle Guide

Bill Kemp aka “The Home Exterior Guru” explains three valuable points homeowners should consider when investing in a roof for their home.

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Home Exterior Guru Fall Check List Image

Fall Checklist For Homeowners – 12 “Must Do or Be Sorry” Money Saving Tasks

1. Clean your gutters after leaves have fallen. Have gutter guards installed to eliminate this tedious task. 2. Have your water heater serviced. 3. Check your attic insulation. Make sure your insulation is sufficient and up to code. 4. Caulk exterior joints around windows and doors. 5. Check the condition of your roof, pipe collars, chimney flashing or have them ...

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Home Exterior Guru Vinyl Siding Report

Don’t Spend a Single Dime on any Siding, Until you Read this Report!

Hi! My name is Bill Kemp, also known as “The Home Exterior Guru”. Over the last 23 years, I have sold millions of dollars worth of vinyl siding and Hardie Plank; just as many other successful remodelers have. Many times remodelers and contractors put most of their focus on the vinyl siding product itself. How long, how thick, how smooth, ...

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how are your gutters draining

How Are Your Gutters Draining

Proper water drainage around your home is very important. This video shows the damage that can be caused by improper water drainage.

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